Tools for 1:1 and BYOD

Customizing the Device Neutral Classroom

“A device neutral classroom is one where the learning activity does not presume that a specific tool will be used to undertake the activity – instead, in order to demonstrate learning, the pupil can choose whichever tool they have available which meets the requirements.” - Mobile Devices in Falkirk Education

Mapping Multimedia to Devices

App Suggestions Tied to Learning Activities

Show What You Know!

iPad/Android Apps for Creativity/Utility and Study
One Best Tech Tools

EdShelf: Search for Apps by Price, Age, Subject, Platform, and Category

"A device-agnostic mobile application (app), for example, is compatible with most operating systems and may also work on different types of devices, including notebooks, tablet PCs and smartphones." - Margaret Rouse

Big Huge Labs (web)
Make Beliefs Comix (web and iOS app)

Storyboard That

Pinwords (web)

Canva (web and iOS app)

Tackk* (web and iOS app)

Snapguide* (web and iOS app)

Haiku Deck* (web and iOS app)

Thinglink* (web and iOS app) (web and iOs app)

Quizlet (web and iOS app)



Todays Meet

Google Drive