BYOD Assessment Tools


AnswerGarden is a free tool that doesn't require any registration or accounts. Students submit answers to open-ended questions, and results display in the form of a word cloud; the more times an answer is submitted, the larger that answer appears on the screen. More information about AnswerGarden can be found here. A tutorial video is below:

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a free tool, although teachers must sign up in order to create polls. It is available in app form or can be accessed via any browser. You can ask open-ended, multiple choice, or -- my favorite -- clickable image questions (great for very young students! More info here). Teachers create a personalized URL that students can go to each time they need to answer one of your questions; this link is great to save on devices for quick access!


Plickers is available in Apple App Store and the Google Play store, but only the teacher needs the app -- students don't have to download anything. Print answer cards one time and use them indefinitely. Create a question and have students hold up their answer card accordingly. Take a picture of your kids holding up the answer cards from within your app to gather their data. While there is currently no way to export data or run data on individual students, the Plickers team is looking into the possibility of implementing that feature in the future.


Sign up for a free Socrative account and start creating assessment pieces. You can ask multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions. Afterwards, you can download the results as a PDF, Excel spreadsheet, or chart. Ask questions on the fly using the "quick question" or "exit ticket" feature, and bring out the students' competitive side with the "space race" game. Students can participate via an app or through a browser. An overview video is below:


Kahoot is a free, game-based assessment tool. Create your own quiz or search through thousands of quizzes already created and shared by other educators. Create a quiz that assigns points to students/teams based on how quickly they submit the correct answer, a survey that asks questions but does not assign points, or a single discussion question. Download the results at the end. Students can participate on any device with a browser. More info here.


GoSoapBox is similar to the other assessment tools on this page with a standout feature: the "confusion barometer." Activate this so that students can tell you when they're confused about a concept and/or when they need you to slow down. Use GoSoapBox from any device with a browser.  This YouTube video will tell you more about the confusion barometer. Learn the basics:


Nearpod does more than assess, but you can use it for assessment purposes, as well. This works via apps or on any device with a browser. You, as the teacher, can "push" presentations, quizzes, annotation abilities, etc. to your students' devices. Learn more:

Google Forms

You need a free Google account to create a Google form, but these can be used to collect answers on multiple choice, open-ended, or scaled questions. It's also great to collect parent information, club-up or sign information, etc. More info here.