Tropical Rain forest Biome Project
By: Keely Coker

Tropical rainforest

Temperature ranges through 68 to 93 degrees fahrenheit. It rarely goes above 93 and rarely drops below 68. The humidity ranges from 77 to 88%. The average rainfall is about 100-260 inches a year.



Most rain forest are found in different parts of the world such as Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Central America, Mexico, and a lot on the Pacific, Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean islands.


Tropical rainforest have a wide variety of exotic looking plants and types of plants that you cant just find anywhere. The plants are Rubber Trees, Cacao, Poinsettia, Brazil Nut, Coffee, Banana Trees, Heliconia, Sapodilla, and many, many more.Plants rarely die and if they do they automatically make new ones because it rains all the time and has the right temperature so it easy for plants to grow over and over again.


Rainforest mainly include small animals such as: monkeys, birds, snakes, rodents, frogs, lizards, and a multitude of insects. These animal hardly ever go on the floor of the rainforest because they are hiding from their predators such as: Cheetahs, and bigger birds and monkeys. Animals have many adaptations such as: many animals hunt for the same food so they have adapted to eat a certain kind of food that no other types of animals eat so they can still eat and survive. Like birds have changed their bills over the years to adapt to what they eat.Weather conditions they need to survive are just warm conditions that the rainforest has so their body can deal with the weather.Extinct animals include: the Greater Short-Tailed Bat, the Great Boa, the Laughing Owl; Birds include: the Aukland Island Merganser, the Piopio, and the Huia.

Producers, Consumers, Omnivores, and Decomposers

3 major producers are: Canopy Trees, Lianas, and Epiphytes.

3 major carnivores are:Jaguar, Green Anaconda, Black Tarantula

3 major omnivores are:Toucan, Poison dart frog, and the White-faced Saki Monkey

3 major decomposers are:Fungi, Termites, and Velvet Worms

Food Web of the Tropical Rainforest

Energy Pyramid of the Tropical Rainforest

Food Chain of the Tropical Rainforest

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