Genetics are the things that you inherit from your parents or people in your family. Every living organism has genetics from someone in their family.

A dis order  called by genetics are : Breast cancer

Breast Cancer is a cancer found in the breasts, it gives you a lump. You can inherit this kind of cancer or it means that you have damaged some of your DNA cells. People are always affected by breast cancer, one reason it can kill people that's how it hurts them. There is a way you can treat breast cancer, you can do it by having surgery or by medical terms.

Environmental :

One dis order with the word environmental is :  SKIN CANCER

Skin Cancer is the abnormal growth of skin cells. It can be caused by to much radiation heat. I can affect someone because if it spreads on your body it can affect how long you can stay outside due to radiation and on the days you can stay outside. It can be curable at early stages. It can cause skin cancer deaths.

Lifestyle choices : Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a cancer that begins in the lungs and to those people who smoke. It causes lung cancer and it can damage your cells. Smoking can kill you and if you smoke around a person you can give them lung cancer from inhaling it. Sometimes it can be curable and sometimes it cant be.