A Adventure In New York.

By: Kiana Hammiel
1st period   

I only took a visit to New York once and it was a very good trip. I really liked the lights that shined in the busy part of the city. I have heard from people that new york is a  very nice and beautiful place it just really busy. The people there also have very nice accents , thats another reason why i would like to go.

390 miles from Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Enterprise car rental company will charge $9.99 per day plus $0.20 per mile to rent this car.

A function for renting a car from this company is C=$9.99+0.20m, where C is total cost and m is the number of miles.

C= $9.99 + 0.20m

C= $9.99 + 0.20(390)

C= $9.99 + 78

C= 87.99

The total cost for the car would be $87.99

Your message...

Your message...

C=$9.99 + 0.20m

C=$9.99+ 0.20(15000)

C= 9.99 +3000

C= 3009.99

The total cost for this car would be 3009.99m  

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