cnc manufacturing

by:vyshonne anderson

session 1: learn about prpcessing. learn about history of manuufacturing. learn about some of the inventions that were important in the devlopment of manufacturing.

session:2 learn about the proper use and saftey procedures for operating the z-mill. learn why tolerance and specification are important to the manufacturing process. learn how to correctly measure and mill a simple geometric shop using the manual control buttons on the z-mill.

session3: learn about machine mocement and various speeds as they relate to the z-mill. manually mill two additional objects to the milling project started in the previous activity. learn about the cartesian coordinates system and how it relates to machine movement of the z-mill.

session4: learn the software that controlsthe mill. mill simple geometric shapes. use the z-mill software to creare text for an engraved nameplate.

session5: mill the nameplate using the z-mill. use the z-mill software to prepare predrawn graphic of your choice.

session6: mill graphic of your choice

session7: complete a challenge using the z-mill and associated softaware.

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