The rules of the shogun

By Rebecca

Emperor: The rules of the Emperor is you have to have royal blood. because that is the only way you are allowed to be the Emperor.

Shogun: Are the head of government and are very important in the social structure so they can control people. Since they are the head of the government they can punish people as they deem fit.

Nobles: could not be the police since they are not as cool as the Samurai and because Samurai's are the only ones allowed to be cops.

Samurai: Samurai's are the only ones allowed to have sword fights since they are allowed to carry a sword but they are forbidden to be in trade or business.

Peasants: Peasants are not allowed to go to wine tastings they are forbidden to drink rice wine.

Artisans: The male son of a Artisans were restricted to the same class and also the particular practice as their dad. because since the artisans are not allowed to go anywhere else because then there will always be pots and pans.

Merchants: they can be watched by government spies so if they can't really say who is richer or has a better business will be taken over by the government. since you are not allowed to brag about your success

Women in Edo: were not allowed to be farmers because they are not allowed to own land.  Since everyone thinks they are not good enough since they are seen as objects.

Outcasts: If you are an outcast then you are not allowed to ever change your mind about what kind of job you want to have for the rest of your life. since they were not wanted by other jobs or people.

If you are a outcast you are also not allowed to be invited to any of  the cities parties since after 8 p.m they are not meant to be in the city.

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