Commas Rules (Literally, it's a pun...)

The first six legit comma rules

Commas rule. They are awesome and have lots of rules to them. It's a pun, hopefully you know. There are about thirty-three rules to the comma, but we will only talk about the important 9. See! I just used an example of using a comma in the last sentence! The first rule is to use a comma when separating phrases that don't need to be there. One example would be my rat, Lion, is mad. Since both of the phrases are not really needed, we separated them with a comma. The second rule is when you link two independent clauses with a conjunction. I had used that rule in one of the past sentences but another example would be I wanted to go swimming, but Grandma wants us to spend "family time." The third rule is when you are addressing someone in particular. An example would be Alex, let's be best friends. The fourth rule is when you are making a list. An example would be a shopping list and you writing Peanut butter M&Ms, Idaho potatoes, and fried chicken. The fifth rule is when you have more than one adjective modifying a noun. An example would be the brilliant, witty, funny, marvelous, and amazing Doge. Last but not least, the sixth rule is using a comma after an introductory phrase or clause. An example would be once we are done with our dinner, we will eat ice-cream for dessert. Those are the important six rules to use for commas that we always mess up on.    

The "other" three comma rules

These next three comma rules are the most commonly used ones. The 7th rules is about dates, many people use them but they also forget the comma. One such example is February 30, 2012.You will also need to put a comma at the end of a letter, that's the 8th rule. One example is From, Josh. The 9th rule is to place a comma behind a state. An example would be Atlanta, GA. Those are the "other" three rules.

In conclusion, commas are very important and if used incorrectly it could possibly hurt someone. In the end, commas save lives.

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