Ashley's Much Ado Retelling


My name is Beatrice I am a strong independent woman, that does not need no man by my side. Benedick comes back into town and he thinks that he is all hot stuff, he thinks that no woman is good enough for him and he does not need a woman. But besides Benedick being full of himself, I am so excited for my lovely cousin Hero and her love Claudio for getting together and going to soon be married. Everything was going great until Don John stepped into the picture and had to fill Claudio and Don Pedro's head with lies. Don John tricked Claudio and Don Pedro to think that Hero was cheating on Claudio, But really the woman Claudio saw was Margret. At the wedding the next day Claudio embarrassed my loving cousin in public. I was so furious with Claudio for him to think that my sweet little cousin could do something so horrible, Just does not make sense. With all the words that came from Claudio, Hero's parents and family decided to say that poor Hero is dead. But in the end Claudio and Don Pedro find out the truth about Hero and they find out that Don John was lying about the whole thing. Hero and Claudio get married, and so did me and Benedick after I got over the fact that me and Benedick were tricked into being together. But after all we are happy with our lovely husbands and families.

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