When Lincoln met Wisconsin's Nightingale

Cordelia Harvey's Campaign for Civil War Soldier Care

Daniel L. Stika

Innumerable scholars and historians have long established that death, during the American Civil War, reached into the world of the living in ways that were unknown to the American public. Disease, along with infections, due in part to reprehensible environmental conditions in the hospitals and the battlefields, caused the most deaths. This book is solemnly dedicated to everyone who made a valiant effort to correct this situation and helped save the lives of the soldiers during this tumultuous time, especially Cordelia Adelaide Perrine Harvey.

Join author Daniel L. Stika as he examines the work of Wisconsin's Nightingale, Cordelia Harvey. As a tireless campaigner for improved medical care for the Civil War soldiers, Cordelia inspects battlefield hospitals and takes her reports of squalor and death all the way to the White House. Throughout the course of many meetings with President Abraham Lincoln, Harvey advocates for the construction of hospitals with the sole purpose of caring for the soldiers who were fighting and dying for their country. Though Lincoln is reticent to hear her requests, she ultimately persuades the president to make a decision that will save the lives of innumerable soldiers.

Author Daniel L. Stika is a  US Air Force veteran and a graduate of UW-Milwaukee with a Masters degree in liberal studies. This book is recommended for all readers irrespective of your likes or dislikes of history. The subject matter is phenomenal.

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