8Meh22 Decision Making Model
Step 1 State the situation Football season starts this weekend and steve  is excited about his schools first game . He has already purchased his ticket and has made plans to meet his friends there.His school team is playing their long time rival and it should be the best game of the season.and his mom want him to babysit to see there friends
Step 2 List the options To go to the football game stay home and babysit
Step 3 Weigh the possible outcomes he might babysit if he care how his parents feel
Step 4 Consider Values he can go to a rival football game that is the first game of the season or let parents see there friends and sit home and babysit
Step 5 Make a decision and act it I would babysit  
Step 6 Evaluate the decision they haven't seen there friends in years and they finally get to see them

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