Byzantine Empire

(EQ) How does leadership effect the development of an empire?

Leadership of the Byzantine

Throughout the Byzantine empire the leaders saw themselves as Romans. Although that was not necessarily true. Leaders of the Byzantine empire were more on the Greek side of culture.

Constantinople & Religion

Constantinople was the center of Christian culture. The main religion in the Byzantine Empire was Christianity and the biggest component was the Hagia Sophia. The Hagia Sophia was a church for the Byzantines.

Justinian and Justinian's code

Justinian left an everlasting impact on the Byzantine empire. Justinian's codified law involved religion and rebuilt Constantinople. Justinian's code was the body of civil law organized Byzantine empire and intended to unite the empire as a whole.

Rise and Fall

476 C.E is when the romans collapsed and the byzantine empire rose to power. Eventually after a long run Constantinople fell to the ottomans in 1453 C.E.

The Byzantine

The byzantine Empire was basically the start of the vast spread of the Christian belief. The Byzantine people were struck by  Justinian was a leader who helped the empire with his code that codified law and religion that truly helped rebuild Constantinople and make the empire strong as a whole. A big part of the Byzantine Empire that left a big impact on current day life was the spread of Christianity. The Hagia Sophia was the vast church that was the center of Christian culture and brought many Byzantine people to this belief. The Greeks also had a big impact on culture they built up a mass part of the population and influenced many of the daily rituals. The Byzantine empire was very successful after Justinian lead and wrote the code. The code really helped stabilize the empires government and religion.

(EQ) How does leadership effect the development of an empire?

(CTQ) How was the Byzantine empire effected governmentally by the Justinian code?

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