Henry Lewis' Journal

Civil War Jounral

Journal Entry 1

I am a Union Soldier and my name is Henry Lewis. My brother fights beside me in the war. I have a wife and 2 kids back at home. I am a lieutenant and my brother is a sergeant major. I fear for my brother and I's lives.

The color I see all the time in my camp in the forest

Journal Entry 2

Some fresh fish have arrived at the camp. They are weak. Those Sunday soldiers. They keep getting whipped for being tight. Good soldier are a scarce as hens teeth. They wont know how we feel until they have been through the mill. They are new and I don't like them. But those who have been here awhile are played out.

Journal Entry 3

Dear Mother,

Life in the camp is hard. I am located near enemy lines and I have been assigned patrol. I can see the enemy. I am very close. I try to hide in the bushes and in the brush. My camp is in the woods so we are concealed from the enemy. I am very nervous that the enemy will spot us.

Journal Entry 4

Journal Entry 5

Chorus: The boys march under the flag.

The boys march out under the flag.

It gives them all the courage,

to go and fight the rebels

the boys march under the flag

Line 1: They Look up at the stripes and stars

Line 2: Get morale and wounds and scars

Line 3: The boys march out under the flag

Line 4: The boys march next to the flag

Journal Entry 6

I play chess with people while in my cabin. Sometime I also gamble and I make money. I like to play cards and sit at camp. I like sitting at camp most of the day and it is fun to relax. I have made 10 dollars off of my gambling and I am happy that I have money.

Journal Entry 7

Life in the camp is hard. Our men have nearly no food. When we get sick we probably die. The doctors can't do anything about our diarrhea. We have no liquids and we are struggling to survive. I am just glad that i have not been taken prisoner. I saw some of the other prisoners that got out. I do not want that to happen to me.

Journal Entry 8

It feels great to be home again. I'm not dead, so that's good. But I did get shot in the leg. It feels good to be reunited with my family. They are glad I'm alive but sad that don't have a leg. It hurts very bad.

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