Here are my tribes:

The tribe of lazy people

The tribe of Brothers

The tribe of uncles

The tribe of animal lovers

The tribe of football lovers

The tribe of game lovers

My two tribes that I will explain are: lazy people and football lovers

Lazy people

I'm a lazy person because most of the time when I planed to do something but I can't finish it. For example I tried to play all of me by John Legend on the piano but I only got through half of the song and then I got lazy. Another one is when I've plan to learn how to break dance but I just got lazy and quit .

Football lovers

I'm a football lover. I enjoy playing football with my cousins, uncles, and my brothers. Me and my brothers would watch football every Sunday and we would get motivated every time we watch football. My cousins, uncles, and brother we would train in the summer time and 3-4 times a weeks. We would go against each other sometimes and my team always win no matter what happen.