By: Daziah Harris

Wonders of Chicago
By: Daziah Harris


Dear readers,

Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S and it has nearly 3 million residents. Chicago has one of the best colleges in the world. Chicago offers locals and guests about 40 museums, more than 150 theaters and over 6,000 restaurants. Harold Washington Library Center is the world’s largest public library with a collection of more than 2 million books. Move over Krakow and Greenpoint, because after Warsaw, Chicago has the largest Polish population.Chicago River is the only river in the world that flows backwards.To me, Chicago is a very interesting place to live. There's lots of fun things to do. There's a variety of resturants and clothing stores to shop at. Chicago is where I grew up, so I know how much fun you can have walking down the streets of down town with the right people. Chicago has a lot of art galleries and museums you can visit. This is why I enjoy living in Chicago.


Arianna is a student who attends Josephinum academy, she's a freshman, and she's 15.

Why did you come to the Jo?
Arianna: I came to the Jo because I wanted to attend a small high school because the principal knows every student. Also, because of their academics.
As far as being a student, do you think the teachers have it easy?
Arianna: absolutely not because teaching isn't an easy thing to me, but sometimes it could be fun.
How does it feel to be a Freshman?
Arianna: At first I felt really nervous because I wasn't use to changing classes, but now it's very easy going.
Have you lived in Chicago your entire life?
Arianna: Yes, 15 years.
Do you like the Jo?

Arianna: Yes, I like the education that I'm receiving and my peers.

Which class do you like more Writing or Survey Lit?

Arianna: I like both because they go hand and hand. But, I like writing more because I never was interested in reading.

Do you plan on attending the Jo all four years?
Arianna: Yes, of course.
If you weren't going here to the Jo, what school would you be going to?
Arianna: My mom kept telling me to fill out more applications, but I was just so set that I was going here before I even got accepted. So, honestly I don't even know. Probably a neighborhood school.

Young Adults Who Start Young

Did you know that teenagers who start drinking or using drugs at a young age are more likely to develop addiction issues in college? They can continue to develop addiction issues as they age. Although some parents think that experiencing drugs and alcohol is a normal part of life for teens, when the child becomes addicted then it becomes a serious problem. When teens feel that their parents approve of them using drugs and drinking alcohol they'll continue to do it. Teens who have easy access to drugs or alcohol are more likely to try these substances, which could lead to abuse later on. Parents should make an effort to keep any prescription drugs or alcohol in a hidden, locked place. They should also keep an eye on who their children are hanging out with. Young adults who suffer from low self-esteem, depression, psychological problems and other issues might be more likely to indulge in these substances, so parents should seek professional help for any teens who seem to have an unhealthy frame of mind. Alcohol or drug abuse are frightening, and many teens are at a risk of developing addiction issues in their lives.

Josephinum's Academics

Josephinum Academy was my dream high school when I heard about it in 8th grade. Now as I became a Freshman and experienced a lot already at the Jo, things changed. The teachers here at the Jo expect a lot from you. They want you to put all your effort into your work because they believe in you; they want you to become something in life. Some times, things can get very overwhelming for Freshmans. As far as the academics at the Jo, it's good because we learn new things everyday and it can help us in the long run. Josephinum is a really good school overall, but some of the rules are ridiculously insane. I don't have a problem with following the rules, but it's just the fact that some of them make no sense. Like the fact that you can't wear a grey sweater or jacket and the school color is grey. Or, you can't wear the purple Josephinum sweater they gave out and it's a school sweater. Josephinum has a good community. I like how the classes are small and not really large like public schools. Most of the teachers lend out an extra hand to help you. The councelor's are always their for you when you need to talk about anything. I like Josephinum, but maybe if the rules were a little more relatable, then I'll like it even more.

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