ballads are a form of poetry that tell a story. Ballads are very song like and composed in short stanzas and adapted for singing.

never thought it would happen

by Scentless Apprentice

you were my strength,
my hero,
nothing will replace,
you wont be forgotten,
No-one will forget your face.

Try to forget that place,
Medication to keep you breathing,
Always arm around you,
To keep you fighting,
Oh I’ve felt the blues.

The ballad of your death,
You lived so fast,
Hope you were happy to your last breath,
This time wont be the last.

Hope you would stand up,
Smile at me,
Telling me it was a joke,

Please stand up,
Wake up again,
But you wouldn't move,
You touched so much hearts,
You move all things aside,

You are an everlasting groove