Mobile Learning Apps

Mark Edwards, EDU 210
Apps for Secondary Science courses

Mobile learning is a new, interactive way for students to become engaged and learn on the go. Mobile learning can include technology, and is a way for students to work, independently, or collaboratively, on a particular subject in school. It is itself a form of pedagogy that a teacher will implement in helping reach more students in an increasing technological world.

Apps for Mobile Learning

Mobile learning can be useful for students, and also for teachers in their pedagogical approach. But what apps can be beneficial for the teachers and students that will be effective in teaching and while not being the sole source of material, but a source of good supplementary resources for the students. I have found a few apps that would be beneficial in helping students.

The Chemical Touch

As a student studying chemistry, you learn to use the periodic table for a lot of information. What a great tool to access quickly and easily to aid in the learning of different chemistry concepts like redox reactions, acid/base properties of certain elements. Students can use it on the go and anywhere they need to. Bus ride home? Why not?

Evernote Peek

Studying is a brute force type activity that needs to be repeated in order to gain a full knowledge of the subject material. I loved flash cards, but I hated trying to keep them in order. I found this app that acts as a flashcard with a cover. You can use your iPad or other device as flashcards. The iPad cover interacts with the app to aid in peeking at the answer or covering the answer. No cover? No problem. This app has one built into it.


Chemistry is FULL of molecules, shapes, conformers, interactions and angles that need to be understood. It is hard to recognize molecules. This app lets you study the characteristics of a molecule, and it quizzes you on the molecules. It is a great way to become familiar with the structures.


As a minor in Biology, I have done a lot of studying for Biology related material. Anatomy and physiology was an intense, material intensive course. I used this app, it was included with the textbook, but it gave great study tools and practice quizzes for the course. I think it would be a great tool for group study or individual study.

Chemistry Formula

The chemistry formula app includes all possible formulas, ions, cations that a student will need. It is an amazing tool that could really help a student master concepts of chemistry fundamentals, cation charges, ion charges, as well as a built in periodic table of the elements.

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