- Where is your destination? (what is it near?

My destination is MIAMI its in  Florida

- What is the capital city?
- What are some other major cities?

Fisher Island, Miami beach, Gladeview, El Portal
- Where are the main airports?
Miami International Airport, Miami-Dade County
- What big or famous attractions are there?

Miami beach

When is the best time to visit your destination?

The morning or Afternoon

- What is the annual average temperature?

77.0 degrees

When is the best (think about the temperature you enjoy) average temperature?

I enjoy temperature that's like 80-85

What is the annual average rainfall?

61.93 inch

- When is the lowest rainfall?

Doesn't say

Take a look at any other weather information about your destination and then select the date you want to leave.

I want to leave on Saturday

Then write a short paragraph explaining the time of year you have chosen to go and why.

I want to go in the winter time cause its going to be cold in Buffalo and its hot in Miami.  I want to go to Miami cause i want to go to the Miami Beach.

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