George Armstrong Custer


He was a brave man, at the young age of 23 he became one of the youngest generals of his time.

On May, 24, 1862, during the pursuit of confederate General Joseph E. Johnston up the peninsula, when General Barnard and his staff were reconnoitering a potential corssing point on the chickahommy river, they stopped and Custer overheard his commander mutter to himself " I wish i knew how deep it was". Custer dashed on his horse to the middle of the deep river and turned to the astonished officers of the staff and said, " Thats how deep it is!"

On June, 28, 1863, 3 days prior to the Battle of Gettysburg, General Pleasonton promoted Custer from captain to brigadier Genereral of volunteers. He became one of the youngest generals in the Union Army at just the young age of 23.

In his first command, Custer sported a showy, personalized uniform style that alienated his men. But he won them over from his readiness to lead attacks. His men began to adopt elements of his uniform, especially the red neckerchief. Custer distinguished himself by fearless, aggressive, actions.

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