About Me

I was born in Stanford, CA on March 1, 1997 to Jose and Angela Yepez. I was their first child, so my arrival was very exciting for them. I have a little sister, who was born six years later.

Ever since I was little, I have spoken two languages: English and Spanish. My parents always believed that speaking two languages would be of great benefit to me, so they spoke to me in their native language as well as English. Today, I see how valuable being able to speak multiple languages is, so much so that I am now almost fluent in French as well as a result of taking the class throughout my time at Mitty.

I come from a Catholic family, and this is something that has impacted my life in a very positive way. My mom has taught me the importance of praying, having faith, and maintaining an intimate relationship with God. As a result of this, I know I can always turn to God whenever I need Him. Honestly, if I did not have this religious component present in my life, I don't know if I would be where I am today. Being Catholic and having a faith-filled relationship with God also led me to join LIFE Corps, a group that I enjoy being a part of.

I am a big fan of sports, but admittedly, the teams I support are all over the place: my favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles, my favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers, my favorite baseball team is the San Francisco Giants, and my favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona, which is in Spain.

I am still rather undecided about what I will choose to do as a career in the future. Working as a business executive in the Silicon Valley is something that has appealed to me ever since I was a child; the thought of working at a big tech company in one of the most amazing places in the country has always excited me. However, working in the film industry as a producer has appealed to me as well; I love movies and I enjoy visiting movie studios in southern California. I will see what happens in the next couple of years and will decide as I progress through college.

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