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#whatittakeslps is a Twitter chat connecting students with professionals to understand what it takes to SUCCEED.  Students build networks and learn how to communicate with professionals in a fast-paced, digital setting.  Do you have what it takes to achieve your dreams?

Join the conversation with
Shea Henderson

Monday, November 17

12:10 pm CST - 12:40 pm CST

Yes!  This is Mrs. Henderson that taught math at Liberty Middle School.  We're talking with Shea and other entrepreneurs about what it takes to start your own business and publish a book.  Shea is the owner of Empty Bobbin' Sewing Studio and recently published School of Sewing: Learn It, Teach It: Sew Together.   

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Helpful Rules of the Road

How you interact in a Twitter chat with professionals might be a bit different from how you interact with friends.  Here are some helpful tips.

  • Introduce yourself  at the beginning of the Twitter chat and share your interests and ideas.
  • Be personable by including names (Twitter handles) in your tweets, retweeting, and favoriting.
  • Interact in a professional way. Use appropriate spelling and grammar.
  • Set yourself apart by contributing questions, ideas, and info to the conversation.
  • Thank the experts at the end of the chat.