Keep calm
achieve greatness.

work hard and be patient.

It is obvious that greatness is something you must create for yourself.First, you have to believe that you are great and that you can do great things in order to achieve them.” I will admit some people thinks it cant be done but greatness can be accomplish. For example like in the video no one wanted to work with the veteran and they didn't think he could do it but he start to believe in his self. “However, greatness comes from your heart. For example, in the video, no one wanted to work with the injured veteran because they didn't believe he could ever walk again, but he started to believe in himself when one trainer took an interest in him.Therefore you have to create greatness for yourself.

                                                Greatness comes from hard work.

                                                              Show your greatness.

                                                      Anyone can accomplish greatness.

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                                                             Greatness have to be earn.

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