There is in the universe neither center nor circumference.

I measured the skies, now the shadows I measure
Sky-bound was the mind, earthbound the body rests.
The boundary condition of the universe is that is has no boundary.

My topic is Motivation

I believe that motivation is something we can all create and use for the better because it is not an intrinsic quality. First, motivation isn’t something only certain people can create anyone and everyone can obtain it. Certainly, many famous people were born with talents and some created theirs, but they all found motivation from something to set out for there goal. Still, you don’t have to be famous or talented to create something to inspire you and motivate you as long as there is something meaningful in your life to strive for. Thus, many people seem blind to there motivation and some don’t even care for it anymore.

Knowing you could of done better is like a regret .

We all create and shape our destiny .

We all decide our actions that lead us into our future make wise actions.

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