To Build A Fire

The biggest lesson of "To Build A Fire" is the lesson of listening. "Perhaps the old-timer on Sulphur Creek was right. If only he had a trail-mate he would be in no danger now". This quote supports the claim because he had been warned about how he should have a partner but he decided not to listen and was then in danger."The old-timer on Sulphur Creek was right, he thought in the moment of controlled despair ensued after 50 below, a man should travel with a partner". This quote helps supports the claim because it also tells that the old-timer on Sulphur creek had warned not once but multiple times."The man from Sulphur Creek was right! And how he had laughed at him". This quote ties back with the claim because no matter what the man from Sulphur Creek warned him he had tuned  him out and ignored him. If he had listened then the man would have not been killed.

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