Josh Gordon Cut (From Thousands of Fantasy Teams)

Josh Gordon’s long and troubled story has had another tragic chapter added to it. After this past weekend’s DWI in North Carolina, Josh Gordon has been cut from fantasy football teams around the country. “He’s a spectacular talent, but he’s just not worth the risk,” said the manager of Smoke Weeden Every Day. “I only have 15 roster spots. To waste one on a guy who may not be playing, I’d be the laughing stock of my league.”

“It was definitely one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make,” remarked another manager who wished to remain anonymous. “I’m in a PPR league and Gordon carried me to the championship last year. The whole 1.21 J.J. Watts family wishes him the best, but we just don’t have the support structure at the receiver position necessary to keep him and compete for the trophy.”

“It’s just a shame. Forgetting Brandon Marshall had all the talent in the world with him. I mean Gordon and Megatron?! You’ll never find a fantasy lineup that can boast that sort of production from one position. I don’t know. I guess I might – man – I don’t know. I wonder if Sammy Watkins will have that sort of potential,” a sad manager from Denver moped.

It wasn’t all sympathy and well-wishes coming Gordon’s way though. “We live with our own decisions!” exclaimed one manager from Boston. “Sometimes you have to cut your losses. Josh Gordon definitely did not represent the Alfred Morris Ground and Pound Town 69 way. Our team is built on too much class to keep a clown like that around.”

There was still one manager willing to give him a chance – at least until the NFL rules on his suspension appeal. “He’s just too talented to let go without looking at the facts and actually hearing the punishment,” he proclaimed. “Even if Lennay Kekua’s Imaginary Friend only has Josh’s services for eight games, that’s eight games where I’ll get at least 20 points from one roster slot.”

Still, the overwhelming sentiment was one of sadness, pity, and confusion as to what is next for respective fantasy teams. “I'm in a keeper league. Josh was the only player on my roster worth holding onto,” explained a GM from Boise. “Last season was a rebuilding year for Philip Rivers Bolo YOLO but we were poised to make great strides, especially with a guy like Josh. Now I’m going to have to try and make a trade for a second-tier keeper.”