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Kush, a little ancient country, with a big history.

The Location Of Kush
It is right below Egypt thousands of years ago, now a days, it is part of Sudan.

1600-1100 B.C.E- Kush was the second greatest ancient civilization from Africa, and Kushites (people from Kush) were almost independent. This was really good news because Egypt sometimes get their territory and Kush need to pay taxes for them, so being almost independent was a good starting point. Being the second greatest civilization was a big achievement, because Kush was not so independent and it was a small country. Because of its rich gold mines, Kush was also known as gold.

730-650 B.C. E.- Kush invaded and conquered Egypt, because Egypt was fighting between themselves, so Kush invaded and conquered. Because Kush conquered Egypt, it had a giant territory, but they did not wanted to destroy Egypt, they wanted to make it more beautiful. Kush built temples and pyramids in Egypt. Because Kush built new temples in Egypt, Egypt has some different types of pyramids.

590-410 B.C.E.- Kush traded with many lands, it was the center of trade, all routes that people took, lead them to Kush. Another very important thing that happened to them was that Kush, learned how to make iron. So, they could win battles between the Assyrians (the ancient country that had advanced weapons, and conquered Egypt from Kush), and other civilizations.

300’s B.C.C-350 C.E-Kush and Rome stop fighting and signed a peace treaty, because Rome was very tired of fighting. Kush payed taxes to Rome, so Kush started to fight with Rome. Then Rome signed the peace treaty and Kush stopped paying tributes to Rome. Another very important thing that happened in Kush was that they art flourished and they had the most powerful empire of the world. So, that was a really good time for the, but after 400 years, Ethiopia invaded Kush and conquered.

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