the princess and the nanny

caylie massey core 1

(Narrator): once upon a time there was a little princess named Skylar. Her parents were the king and queen of France. They also had a nanny named Kyra. When her parents died it was Skylar’s turn to be queen soon after she became queen she was married to a young prince named Austin soon after they were married they had 2 little kids named Gannon and Sawyer.

(Skylar): Kora!!

(Kora): yes Madame.

(Skylar): did you finish with the children’s studies?

(Kora): yes ma’am.

(Skylar): good. Now I think its time for you to be paid for the two months you have been here. you seem like you need the money. So you get paid 30 dollars a month correct?

(Kora): 40 ma’am.

(Skylar): no I said thirty I always give my staff 30 dollars a month. You must have thought I said 40 when I said thirty. So 30 +30=60 now lets talk about all the things you have done. First Gannon climbed the tree and fell and ripped his new clothes so subtract 10 dollars.

(Kora) I told him not to climb the tree but he just didn’t listen.

(Skylar): (recounting the money) why didn’t you get him out of the tree before he climbed up ??

(Kora): I tried but he was to fast and by the time I made it over there he was already in the tree.

(Skylar): you should have kept a eye on him. Anyways back to the money my husband loaned you 10 dollars to buy some new clothes correct?

(Kora): yes ma’am but I didn’t take it.

(Skylar): you did because I wrote it in my book I would never write something that wasn’t true. So take that off of too that leaves you with $40.00 then you broke a cup and saucer so take off $20.00.

(Kora): but I only broke the saucer not the cup.

(Skylar): are you doubting me? Take off  $12.00 that leaves you with $8.00 (puts coins in Kora hands) count them (Kora starts counting the coins)

(Kora): there’s only 5 ma’am.

(Skylar): surely there were to maybe you miscounted or dropped one.

(Kora): no ma’am its fine nine dollars will do for now (starts walking away) thank you Madame

(Skylar): Kora wait. Why did you thank me?

(Kora): because every where else I’ve worked I’ve never been paid

(Skylar): well they never treated you fair they treated you mean why did you never tell them they were being so rude? I was playing a trick on you. I made up all the things to teach you a lesson. Here’s the rest of the $80.00 that I owe you. remember that don’t be so nice. Is it possible to be so spineless? I’m sorry for being so mean to you Kyra

(Kora): its ok Madame thank you for being so kind to me and for the money.

(narrator): and so they became best friends. Kora was later married and had kids of her own she kept her job at the castle and the queen gave her, her own part of the castle for her family to live in as part of the royal family.

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