Fish Project

By: Caleb Becker & Stephen Hess

Budget: $700.00

Fish: 2 Fancy Goldfish-32.99 ea.~ $65.98

Tank: Medium (46.875 Gallons)~ $225.00

Water Filter: #1003/Up to 60 gallons/145 gallons per hour~ $70.00

Heater: 65 to 93 degrees~ $36.00

Light: 36"~ $50.00

                Gravel: Pebble Beach- 15 bags/5.50 ea.~ $82.50

Plants: (Artificial) Begonia Plant- $4.00, Blue Ribbon Plant- $10.00~ $14.00

Decorations: Rock Cave-$35.00/Tall Driftwood-$40.00/Volcano Bubbler-$25.00~$100.00

Total: $643.48


The tank's dimensions are 36'' x 15'' x 20''. The volume is 10800 cubic inches or 6.25 cubic feet. The tank can hold 46.9 gallons of water. The tank will have 2 fish per 29 gallons so there will be plenty of room for swimming.


We will be putting two Fancy Goldfish in the tank. Fancy Goldfish eat flake and/or pellets. To boost overall health you can give the fish supplements of fresh vegetables. The fish need a water temperature of 64- 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Their max size is 6 inches. Fancy Goldfish like fine gravel for sifting and arrangements of driftwood and rock decorations.


The decorations being used are rock cave, tall driftwood, and volcano bubbler.

Rock Cave
Tall Driftwood
Volcano Bubbler


The Fancy Goldfish are $32.99 each. The total cost is $64.98. How many fish are bought?

32.99x = 65.98

32.99   = 32.99

        x = 2

Two Fancy Goldfish are bought.

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