Cowboys and Legends

Harvey Alexander Logan is Kid Curry's real name.  He was born in 1867 in Iowa and died June 17, 1904 after him and his other bandits robbed the Rio Grande train and stole neighboring horses on the getaway one which belonged to Roll Gardner.  Roll Gardner and others set out in search Gardner shot Curry.  Curry decided his own fate by shooting his self in the head.  Curry never married but had a thing for Della Moore a prostitute.  Curry had 5 children but so many women claim to have birthed his children.  Curry reputation was an American Outlaw and Gunman.  Curry famous for doing his works and a bad man.  Yes, he was apart Wild Bunch Gang.  He had a job of breaking horses L.  He was known as the Wildest Out The Bunch in Wild Bunch Gang, He killed at least 9 police officers, He was shot through the rest before, He escaped jail before, and killed his own friend in which he was betrayed by.

John Wilson Vermillion is Texas Jack real name.  Born 1842 in Russel County, Virginia.  He died 1911 drowned in Lake Michigan.  He had two spouses in his life Margaret Horton and Nannie Fleenor.  Jack had two children a son and daughter they died along with his wife Margaret Horton from diphtheria.  He worked a frontier scout, and actor.  Jacks reputation was a gun fighter of the Old West.  Most famous gun fighter also known as "Shoot Your Eye Out" mostly known for Earp Vendetta Ride.  Part of Soapy Smith gang.  He shot someones eye out before.  Part of dodge city war.  His kids and his wife died from the same disease diphtheria.  Was a frontier scout.  Also was a actor.

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