Pakistan Global Village

We believe that the most pressing issues in Pakistan today, are The Taliban, Health Issues, Education Concerns, and Censorship in Pakistan. The information that we found for these pressing topics is located below.

Issue #1 Taliban

This political cartoon represents the cruelty of the Pakistani Taliban. They recently attacked a military-run school in Peshawar. Over 100 children were killed. It shows just how horrible the Taliban are and the lengths they will go to to get what they want. the Taliban are against sending girls to school and are extremely conservative.

Issue #2 Health Concerns

Issue #3 Education

I have chosen to create a Socrative quiz on education in Pakistan, and more specifically the recent Peshawar school attack in Pakistan. This attack was launched on an army ran public day school. The Taliban launched the attack in a desperate attempt to get back at the army for killing thousands of Taliban militants. On a December morning the Taliban militants went on a shooting rampage, killing over 140 students and staff members. I have decided to work on learning more about this Peshawar attack and education in Pakistan, because I think that it is important to know how other counties do with education. We should know how to help these people and country so education would become, better.

Issue #4 Censorship in Pakistan

In Pakistan censorship is a big problem, everyday people are arrested, attacked, and even killed for expressing themselves. From 2001-2013 over ninety-five people were famously punished for being associated with music (listening to music, singing, making music, etc.) The punishments from extremists, as well as officials have scared musicians to seek asylum in foreign countries. The censorship issue not only affects musicians, but reporters also. A photographer from the UK, Alixandra Fazzina, was in Pakistan for five years photographing women and children. When the photos were published in the UK Fazzina received death threats from the Taliban. After the killing of Saleem Shazad in 2011, there were protests all over Karachi, Pakistan. In Pakistan censorship is everywhere and is affecting the freedom of its people. If musicians and music shop owners give in to terrorists and stop playing music, it means the terrorists have one and the problem won't be fixed. But if Pakistanis continue to protest and challenge the tyrants trying to stop them from expressing themselves, it could help them be able to live freely and fearlessly in Pakistan.

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