Continuity and Change in the United States

Evaluate the extent to which economics, politics, culture, and America's role in the world from 1998-2015 contributed to maintaining continuity as well as fostering change in the United States.

Politics, American culture, and America's role have lead to several both positive and negative changes within the United States in the past seventeen years. The economy has been in periods of good and bad times, politics have had changes implemented by both political parties, and America has been involved in various wars across the world. Therefore, the events that have occurred in the last seventeen years have fostered many changes on the United States as well as across the world.

Document A:

Source 1: Titanic, December 19th 1997

Titanic. Dir. James Cameron. Perf. Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane. Paramount, 1997. Film.

Why Titanic Rose Above Other Great Movies

Although the film industry struck high during the late 90's, one particular film rose above the rest breaking the charts. The Titanic won over the hearts of audiences everywhere by becoming one of the most remember-able romance films of the decade. It almost instantly became a success grossing over $2,186,772,302 landed it on first for over 12 years after being surpassed by avatar in 2009. Along with that, it had 14 nominations and 11 academy  awards wins including best picture. Contributing to it's success, it was also the first movie to be released in both DVD and VHS when it was still in the theaters. Due to it's overall success landing it large gross in money, countless of awards and it going down in history for making it available to everyone at the time stuck it as game changing.

Historical Context: 1997 - Titanic was one of the few movies during the late 90's that still stands today due to it's gross income. This mainly had to do with factors like it's triple release on both DVD and VHS which was the first time ever something this advanced happened. This means that anyone during that time could get the movie.

Purpose: To tell an enchanting story of love and romance, but to also teach viewers lessons on the perks of being released on platforms.


The titanic is significant because it shows the rise in the movie industry and the movie industry at it's peak as change ensued. The Titanic was the first movie to release on multiple plat forms which gave its high gross number. It also helps that it says that movie won "11 Oscars" As time continues it is still a staple of time and is currently second in all time grossing, showing what American people like in movies and how they enjoy the availability in the plat forms.  

Document B

Source: 9/11 Live TV Footage, September 11th 2001

""Live TV Footage of 9/11 (Second Plane Hit, Collapse of Towers) World Trade Center Coverage." YouTube. YouTube. Web. 3 June 2015.

9/11 Reaction

On September 11th America was attacked on it's own land for the first time in what seemed to be ages. This seemed to stagger America as the world watched helplessly as what seemed to be an Iron Giant fell to it's knees to gasp for air. al-Qaeda was the organization responsible for the attacks and left America on edge not knowing what building was next. This lead to a tighter defense for America instead of the weak system that we once had. The boarders were too open and that is how the terrorist gained control of the plane. During the attack schools let out in a panic and offices everywhere closed in an instant. Now we hold grudge for anyone who looked Arabic and the government added stronger security to our defenses and boarders that continues to be an issue. In conclusion America was much different than it was back then. The boarders were tightened as we protected ourselves from getting hurt again by such a devastating blow.

Historical Context: 2001 - This is a day know to cause over thousands of people pain to this very day and will most likely continue to do so until it fades as a legend. It was a spark the ignited a war and several controversy changing the face of America and forever leaving what seemed to be a scar that will take a long time to heal.

Point of View: After the immediate attack on the twin towers, American citizens called for war.

America in the World

This video that was captured during the attack is important because it demonstrated the moment where every American's heart sank. As the news anchors kept quoting, "Oh no, a second plane." right after followed horrific cries of anguish. At 9:03 A.M. it shows the moment where millions of American's stood speechless and grew into hate and cried for war.

Document C

Source: Obama Gets Elected Into Office

Washington, Adrienne T. "Enthusiasm Brings out All Sorts of Supporters." The Washington Times 12 Feb. 2008. Web. 3 June 2015. .

The First Black President Gets Elected Into Office

Despite African American's great leaps and bounds throughout the last century with civil rights and social movements, it was only after Obama that they seemed to caught up with today's society. For example, before Obama, there were 43 consecutive white presidents. This is a land mark considering where the blacks were almost a century ago.

Historical Context: 2008 - This was the first time that African Americans were represented in office. This is the start of the idea of equality that many people want to see now. Thus making it important to have in the textbooks.

Purpose: This article was meant to inform readers that a new president was elected and that he is black.

Politics and Power

This article from the Washington post is significant because it shows the type of people who came out for the election and thus gave Obama an advantage. He even stated that "I was compelled to check out the "Obama-rama". For he was causing a stir in the democrats but also gained other support for being the first black president. Soon after that moment Obama became the first black president of the USA.

Document D

Source: Schools push to be healthier

Greg Toppo,12/1/2009,Healthy, Organic, and Cheap School Lunches? Order up/Texts/Work, Exchange, and technology/middle school/2015,

Food For Kids

American culture dealt with many issues when coming with food. Whether it is too expensive or too unhealthy people find nothing to do but to complain about it. "The federal government pays, on average, $2.68 per child per meal – and most food advocates say that simply isn't enough. A few insist it can't be done for less than $5...So it's big news when someone tries, even on a small scale, to feed kids well for under $3 a pop." Thus in 2009 they came up with No Kid Hungry act to try and get healthier foods.

Historical Analysis:

In the early 2000's the government did not allow for government spending on children food. However, after the "No Kid Hungry" act, the government allowed more spending to go towards children with a healthier lifestyle.


This article was written to bring attention to the fact that food lunches are unhealthy because they choice to go a cheaper route instead of the more healthier one.

Work, Exchange, and Technology:

The lunches that are provided from the schools are relying on government funding. This could lead to problems such as, food poisoning, to sickness, to obesity that American's are struggling to fight against today. However, with the government fighting back for these prices, the American people will gain healthier food choices.

Document E

Source: Music in 2011

"Adele - Rolling in the Deep." YouTube. YouTube. Web. 4 June 2015.

Music Climbs

Despite the rumors of the music industry dying many would argue other wise to to increase profit sales. One of the main reasons is that album sales increased and digital album sales increased 19%. This is primary responsible due to artists like Adele, LMFAO, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga.

Historical Analysis:

It was no secret that the music industry was losing money, but due to these great hits that kept coming the music industry saw a surge in profits that were not yet fully realized at the moment. This could be a start to a new music renascence.


This is suppose to gain the support of the other artists and thus build the music industry.


America often started to look towards pop stars around this time thus, they seemed to gain the support of others rather quickly. It was around 2011 when we started paying attention more and more to stars. It only builds from here and more and more favorite stars get thrown in the mix.

Document F

Source: Obama's Campaign Song

"Obama Campaign Song 2012." YouTube. YouTube. Web. 4 June 2015.


Although Obama won was the first president, many of American's question what he did for office. Considering that he hasn't done anything for office. Many argue that he hasn't kept any of his promises. To extend what he says he often get rejected upon by congress thus making everything he said pointless. Due to this many question how he gained a second term in office and make fun of him countlessly.

Historical Analysis

The second election is key in American history because this was another example of a "bad" president. Despite all of his good, many cannot get over the obamacare flop that hurt the nation as a whole and we see a once beloved man from many, get turned into public enemy.

Purpose: The author of this piece most likely wanted to create a satire to entertain the audience with the truth of the bad candidate.

Politics and Power

Despite the piece being very advocated to a one sided opinion on President Obama's side through the sarcastic a witty lines. This is evident through the laugh track that was cycled throughout the piece. Thus it seemed like the author proved a strong point.

Document G

Source: Boston Bombing

Source: The bomb shrapnel from the marathon.

Bombing to Ruin the Year

Although in the late 2013 year was full of celebration and merits, on of the most scariest moments in America was when the Boston Bomb went off from an placed backpack from the entrance. After the after math of the bomb, many morn for months of the dead injured as graphic photo's appeared more and more. On top of the injured, it made the Boston marathon harder to handle as a whole. Dzhokhar was caught and was now sent on trail to be executed. This still leaves the year 2013 with a mournful scowl killing the good vibe that once followed.

Historical Analysis

Historians need to remember this day because it is the day that was nationally televised and millions saw that attack on the people. It demonstrated America's getting attacked by not only terrorist but by their own people. Thus this is an important moment in American history.


This one piece of metal was responsible of causing death to many people and struck fear in others.

Work Exchange Technology

This shows the advances in technology and how news travel fast. Thousands of people watched as that one tin exploded and caused an uproar in the citizens. The terrorist knew that this was a televised event and how news traveled so quickly.

Document F: Blacks Racial Justice and archival material(clothing)/America and The World/high school/2015,

Blacks Cannot Catch a Break

Although many blacks had trouble dealing with rights, the spike in racial spikes raised with police violence. Many of this includes police misjudging the police and killing them. With the tee shirt at the bottom saying, "I cannot breath" as the police choked a black man out. To extend, this includes more examples as many mistrals from police cause death and riots raising an issue that should have been settled years ago.

Historical Context:

After the death of unarmed teenager, Mike Brown, by the Ferguson, Missouri police, the phrase "Black Lives Matter" was used to bring attention to racial injustice in America.


These shirts were created in protest to the racial crimes from police officers in the year 2014-2015. The term was also a trending tag on twitter, getting millions of responses from around the world.

America in the World:

While not an issue with foreign policy, there was somewhat of a change in the internal policies in America. The crimes and consequential riots lead to the Unites States as well as other countries to re-evaluate their police forces. Economically, the US had suffered due to the cost of deploying police officers, and repairing partial damage. The incidents sparked controversy around the world, leaving many people more aware of modern day race issues.

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