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Pärnu and Estonian Declaration of Independence

Pärnu is located in the southwest of Estonia.It is located in Pärnu Bay. The area of the city is 32,2 km2. There live 43 000 people. Pärnu is known as port city, hansa city and capital city of Estonian in summer. 700 000 tourists visit Pärnu every year.


The Republic of Estonia was declared out for the first time on 23 February 1918 at eight o'clock in the evening from the balcony of the theater "Endla" in Pärnu, when the lawyer Hugo Kuusner read out "Estonian Declaration of Independence". From now declared Estonia itself as an independent country.

The birthday of Republic of Estonia is considered to be 24 February 1918, when independence was declared in the capital city Tallinn.

It has been a tradition to read out a declaration of independence every year on 23 of February from balcony of theater "Endla". It is typically done by the actors from the theater "Endla".

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