The Road to Emmaus
Eric Kumar

The Road to Emmaus involved Jesus finding two people walking to the town of Emmaus, a few miles from Jerusalem. Luke 24: 13-35 says "Now that same day the two of them were going to Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem. [...] Jesus came up himself and walked along with them.". Jesus told these two men about himself, but did not allow them to recognize him. These two men didn't understand Jesus' story. Jesus explained the story of himself as well as his proverbs and parables. The men invited Jesus in for dinner and told him to stay with them because it is night time. At the table he broke bread and gave it to them. Instantly, they recognized Christ, but he disappeared. They got up and walked to Jerusalem. They also realized their hearts were burning in search of God when he was standing there the whole time.

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3 years ago

Eric, I loved your last sentence! Work on telling more of a story rather than summarizing. I can't decide if I really like that picture or if it is more of a spoof. Also, a few punctuation errors.