Characterization: Montag

local fireman

Directly: Curious

Montag is directly characterized as being curious. One example is at first he was apart of the firemen that burn books and even houses. At first it seem that he was fine with it except when he met Clarisse, who like books and talk about them. This made him have a change of heart. One day Montag told his wife Mildred that books was fine and how they should read them. Montag when hostile about books and how they should be allowed to read them. He even found the last original copy of the bible. He also created a plan to show that they should be allowed to read the books. By this information it provides directly characterized as being very curious.

Indirectly: Follower

Montag is indirectly characterized as being follower. One example is when he was a firemen. At first Montag thought since everybody didn't read books then something must be wrong about them. He was encouraged to not read books and burn them by others. He became a firemen like the other people. By this information it provides indirectly characterized as being a follower.

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