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This is a picture of a pyramid,pyramids were used as tombs for the dead pharaohs. Pyramids were meant to protect the pharaohs mummy, but many pyramids were robbed. The pyramids were built to trick grave robbers into traps, fake doors etc. But, King Tut's was one of the only ones that was not robbed.

King Tut

pharaohs were the rulers of Egypt. Pharaohs were the kings, they were gifts from the gods in Egypt. Pharaohs were always treated like gods. King Tut  was the only King found with all his treasures. He was king at age 9 and died around age 18 or 19. He was found in the 1900's by John Carter. But, all his team members died in werid ways some people belive that this was because of King Tut's curse.

The Nile River

This is a Nile sunset the Nile River was the only thing that kept Egypt alive. Without the Nile there  would be no Egypt. The Nile gave the people backland for farming and growing papyrus. The Nile was the only water source.

The Valley of the Kings

The valley of the kings was the burial place where most kings were buried. The Valley of the Kings was where King Tut was found. The Valley of the Kings was an important place to the Egyptians.


Mummification was the process of preserving the body for the afterlife. Why? The Egyptians believed that the soul had to recognize the body in the afterlife.  First, the death was announced. The brain was removed through the nose with a long medal hook, then it was discarded. Next, the stomach was cut open with a sharp stone and all internal organs were removed and put in canopic jars. Then, the body was covered with natron salt for 40 days. Lastly it was wrapped with linin and put in a pyramid.

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