Applications for Education

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a free online teacher and student aid offering tutorials on all subjects through videos and quiz questions. All questions offer a video showing you how each step is done for the question if stuck. They offer an app to access on your mobile and tablet devices.


Nearpod is a device for teachers to create presentations and videos and have them available for their students on their mobile and tablet devices. It also allows teachers to manage their students screens at and monitor them during class time.


Brainly is an online homework assistant. It lets you log in and ask your homework questions online and with 30 million visitors it will give you the answers and help you need in all subjects. is an online dictionary and thesaurus that is on your phone or tablet that allows you to look up any definition, spelling, and alternative words for any word in the english dictionary.

My words:

My words is an app that allows kids in the early stages of learning to learn and memorize new words by repetition and visual learning.

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