The Compare & Contrast Essay

What Is It?

This is the first of the three types of essays that we will be writing for AP World History.

As the title suggests, you need to compare and contrast aspects of two different societies.

In general, compare and contrast prompts will ask you to consider one to two aspects of societies.  You will generally be given three options, from which you choose two to write about.

How Is This Graded?

Check out the Rubric.

Class Grading Policy

Simply put:

  1. Answer the Question
  2. Give Evidence
  3. Explain Why (Analysis)

How Can I Prepare For This Essay?

1. Keep up on your reading and take good notes to review later on.

2. Make it a habit to go back and review previous chapters.  Take a little time to develop simple Venn Diagrams between the societies.

3.  Use a SPRITE Chart as a guide for your comparisons and contrasts.  SPRITE stands for:

  • Social
  • Political
  • Religious
  • Intellectual
  • Technological
  • Economic

4. Check out this overview document.  It has more insight on how to organize and write.