Congo Global Village

Over the past year, we have all taken the time to research current events in Congo. Below are what we consider to be the most pressing issues that Congo is facing today.

#1 Rebel Attacks in the DRC

The rebel attacks in Congo are one of the biggest issues their country is facing currently. These rebel attacks started in 1960 when Congo became independent from Belgium, but they quickly faced an army mutiny which lead to a civil war and corruption. There are many different rebel groups in Congo such as March 23 Movement (M23), Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), and Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR). The main reason why these rebel groups are attacking each other is because of economic disparity. The Congolese government is incredibly rich due to minerals and other goods, but they refuse to distribute the money to their citizens. This causes many conflicts, and the government is currently failing to do anything to prevent these attacks. Unfortunately, these attacks don't seem as if they are becoming less frequent, but hopefully the attacks will come to an end soon. -Carleigh

#2: Children's Access to Education in Congo

For my digital component, I have created a Socrative quiz on children's access to education in Congo. Did you know that over 5 million children are not in school? Congo has a huge population of 67.51 million people. There are not enough teachers and they get paid very little. Also, boys education is preferred over girls and since families can't afford to pay for all of their children's education (it is about $50 per month per child), the boys end up going to school instead of girls. Lastly, repercussions of the war have impacted children's access to education because schools are destroyed, families are displaced, and children can be kidnapped by the rebel groups. These are just a few reasons why children in Congo don't have access to education. - Julia

#3 Oil Conflicts in the DRC

#4: Conflict Minerals in the DRC

This infographic explains rocks and minerals in the. DRC a that are called conflict minerals because of there cause to the war that has been occurring there for decades. The infographic explains that tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold are the three major conflict minerals found. These minerals don't bring wealth to the country, instead they have created conflicts between neighboring countries and competing ethnic groups. Workers are hired to work for mines in horrible conditions by being threpatened, forced, or held by a gun. Some have to work in these mines in order to support their families. Overall, the war and the mines have resulted in over 5.4 million deaths. - Bailey

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