By: Dawson G.


There are a lot of things you need to know about basketball. It’s probably going to be hard for a person to start basketball at the age of ten. You most likely need to start at at a young age!! You have to be good at passing, shooting and drilling a basketball. You also have to be good at offense and defense. If you’re not good at those you can’t play basketball. Well you probably could but you most likely won’t be good!!!

Basics of Basketball

These are pretty much the basics of basketball!!! There are three points, two points, two and one points, and three and one points. A three and one point is when you get fouled and make the shot outside the three point line. You get the three points and you get a free throw. The same thing goes if the shot was a two pointer. Four points is the highest point you can make!!!


You have to be at a certain spot if you want to make a certain shot!!! Inside the three point line is a two pointer. Outside the three point line is a three pointer. The three point line is eighteen feet. For college players and up it’s about two or one feet larger. The three pointers are much harder to make than the two pointers!!!

How to Play

Offense and defense is the most important thing in basketball!!! For instance, if you can’t do that then you can’t play basketball!!!Also dribbling is important. If you can’t dribble you can’t go anywhere. You can pass but most of the time you have to dribble to make a good pass!!! Also you only get five fouls in a game if you get five you have to sit on the bench for the rest of the game!!!


There are a lot of fouls in basketball. But they only use a few. For instance, they use non intentional fouls, and technical fouls. Most of the time they will only use non intentional fouls but if you argue with the ref or get a really bad foul they will call a technical foul. A technical foul is when the other team gets two free throws and the ball back.


There are a whole lot of teams NBA. Such as the Clippers, Heat and the Lakers!!! Most of the time you don’t go undefeated! Because there is always somebody better than you!!! But sometimes you get lucky and you go undefeated. Or you are just a very good team. Everybody has their own opinion on their favorite team but mine is the Lakers!!!

The Best Player

A lot of people are the best player ever. But the best in shooting is Michael Jordan. Nobody has beaten his record of points. But one person that is very close is Kobe Bryant!!! He is the best shooter on the Las Angeles Lakers!!! He is just barely behind the best shooting record!!! A lot people’s favorite player is Michael Jordan including me.


There are many players in the world!!! There’s Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffon, Chris Paul and LeBron James. Five on a court at a time for each team. My favorite point guard is Chris Paul. He plays for the Las Angeles Clippers. My favorite shooter is Kobe Bryant!!! I think he is the best player on the Las Angeles Lakers.

Offense and Defense

Offense and defense is probably the most important thing in basketball!!! The best defense is a good offense. You have to have a really good offense and a better defense. If they can’t score they can’t score!!! There are a lot of things you need to know in basketball. But by far offense and defense is the most important thing in the game!!!