The Black Death

A tragedy of the Medieval Times
By Grace Newcastle 6

The Black Death was common in Europe in the Middle Ages. The disease was spread by rats, who had the disease in their blood. Many people died because there were also fleas to spread the disease by biting a rat then a human. When someone had the Black Death their fingers and toes turned black and they got red lumps in their armpits and necks. They often died within two days or less. The rats were everywhere because there was garbage everywhere, and rats love garbage. The rats came from trade boats returning from China. It is estimated that over 1/4 of the people in Europe died of the Black Death. When somebody in a household had the Black Death a red cross was painted on the door and nobody was allowed to go in or come out of that house, not even a priest. Eventually people realized what was going on and they burned the rats and mostly got rid of the disease. The disease is still around today but there is a cure for it.

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