BTNT March 2015

Media Center Collaboration

The Media Center is not just for English classes!  Ms. Kallio and Ms. Lehmann can come to your class to help with research databases related to your content, research skills, copyright, proofreading and peer editing, reading strategies and almost anything else you can imagine! Check out their awesome resources below!

Student Voice & Choice

Incorporating student voice and choice in your classroom can increase engagement and decrease off-task behavior. Choose ONE of the Blendspaces below - you can work individually or as a table group.  Explore the resources provided.  On the post-its, write down ONE item that you will implement in the next month.  Share it with your table and then post it on the chart paper.

Thank you to Ms. Davala and Ms. Hensler at MMS who created the Blendspaces last summer for the Summer Institute.