Turkey is Gobbling Up the Water


Turkey has over half of the combined total populations of Syria, Turkey, and Iraq.

Populations of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq

As time passes in these countries, all the populations increase.

With the population growth, Turkey and the other countries will need more water to supply and assist all the citizens. The region will begin to need more water as a whole and the individual countries will need varying levels of an increased amount of water.

Water Availability and Use

This graph below shows that Turkey takes and uses a lot less water than they have access to.

The next graph shows that most of Turkey's water supply comes from inside the country, and only a small percentage is from outside.

I can the conclusion that Turkey has a lot of water, but although they get almost all their water from inside the country, they don't use all their water.

Water Needs

Turkey's most pressing water needs are for agriculture. The data in the graph below shows that they use 27.86 cubic km for agriculture out of the 37.53 cubic km used in total.

From the graphs above, I can draw the conclusion that Turkey has to grow lots of plants and need a lot of water to do so. Without water, Turkey would have a lot of problems.

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