How to Disable Auto-Playing Video On Facebook ?

Facebook’s auto play settings can be adjusted on Android Phone with mobile data or Wi-Fi connections. Steps to adjust this setting on your Android phone is given below-

  • 1) Open Facebook app on your Android phone
  • 2) Click on the Menu Icon
  • 3) Scroll down and tap on the App Settings
  • 4) Tap on Autoplay
  • 5) Now tap Off from the given options

If you don’t see the Autoplay settings on your Android device, then log out and log back into your Facebook app and Autoplay should be visible in App Settings.

With these easy steps, you can turn off Autoplay videos in your Newsfeed on your Android phone. It can be annoying to see the videos that you really don’t want to watch. On the other hands, downloading short videos daily can eat up your limited data cap. Better you control what you want to see and download the videos of your interest.

Hope this piece of information is helpful, but if you feel any kind of unease in performing these steps, then you can contact Facebook support number USA +1-844-773-9312 to get rid of this annoying issue.