Niels Bohr and The Atomic Theory

Niels Bohr had two major contributions to the scientific world. The first contribution was updating the atomic model from a previous scientist named Rutherford. He also helped other scientists understand Quantum Physics.

Niels Bohr updated the Atomic Model in 1913 in Copenhagen, Denmark, his home town. Some interesting scientific facts about Niels Bohr are

Bohrs Atomic Model was based on lessons from Quantum Physics, he added that the electron moves around in prescribed spaces in the Atomic Model, Bohrs model was an date from Rutherford's Version of the Model, Bohrs Model is still used today, the chemical element "Bohrium" is named after him and he conducted experiments early in his career under Professor J.JThomson.

This is Niels Bohr Atomic Model, above shows the 3 shells of the electrons, they all go around their circle in an orbit just as Bohr said in his Atomic Theory. Before in earlier versions scientists stated that electrons just floated around not in an orbit such as what Bohr suggested.

Four Facts about Niels Bohr

October 7, 1885- November 18,1962

Won Nobel Peace Prize in 1922 for his Structure of Atoms.

Wrote 115 books throughout his entire lifetime.

The head of the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Copenhagen University from1920-1962.

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