My Favorite Season

By: Bailey Redford

My favorite season smells like flowers and other plants like gorgeous trees and bushes. It smells like that because it rains a lot and it is sunny when it is not raining, that of course makes plants! When you are in the woods or in any type of grassy area it will probably smell like animal poop, because there will be lots of animals. If you really smell you might smell fruit and barbecue from outdoor parties.

If you look outside you will see mostly blue from the extremely blue sky. You will also see a lot of colors from many of different plants, birds and decorations of the season holidays (there are a lot). If you look outside it will most likely make you want to go on a walk. As you are on your walk it will be amazingly pretty from all the things you will see.

If you will go outside and take the walk that I was telling you about then here is what you’ll hear. Chirping birds early in the morning, kids playing, around mid afternoon and late afternoon, music playing from people outside having fun all day and at night you can hear animals.

The food that you eat are delicious (at least for me they are). If you like fruit and punch then you will love my favorite season! Also like I said about parties there are lots of barbeque...yum! During my favorite season a lot of couples would prefer to schedule their weddings, that means you will be tasting wedding cakes also!

Now there’s a few bad things about my favorite season, the worst thing is the allergies!!!!! You feel sneezy, allergic and messy. On the bright side my favorite season also makes you feel energetic, fun going, happy and joyful. I love how my favorite season makes you feel (taking out the allergies).

Weather. My favorite season’s weather starts off rainy/misty but then later in the season it gets really sunny! ALL of the time it’s warm and hot, yay! That’s why it is my favorite season!

My favorite season is mostly known as beautiful, because of all the pretty colors. Fun, cause of the activities. Last but not least my favorite season is really playful!

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