10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Singapore - The Little Red Dot

1. The culture. Singapore is a melting pot of culture around Asia with a bit of British influence thrown in for good measure. As such, you will find certain districts like Little India or Chinatown that have preserved their cultural heritage. It is not uncommon to find ethnic groups celebrating a festival or two on a weekend, or local fairs celebrating the best of what each country or group has to offer.

2. The nightlife. As much as Singapore is entrenched in culture, it also has an awesome nightlife. If you're lucky enough to book hotel in Singapore where the bars and clubs are, you can be sure you'll have a night of enjoyment and a soft bed to look forward to.

3. The shopping. Singapore is known for its shopping, with retail stores offering items at cheaper prices compared to some Asian countries, especially during the great Singapore sale. Be armed with your credit cards--it's guaranteed you can't leave without a few new things!

4. The food. Relating heavily to the culture, Singapore's food is a fusion of Asian cuisines. East meets west here, and some starred restaurants have set up shop in Singapore to service Asian diners. There is no shortage of options here; the dining scene at Singapore is pretty spoiled for choice, and there are more and more boutique restaurants set up every year to accommodate the ever-growing palate.

5. The business. As much as it is a travel destination, Singapore is also a tiger economy in Asia, with businesses setting up branches here in order to expand to the Asia-Pacific region.

6. The entertainment. From fairs, to plays, to movies, to concerts--Singapore has a lively entertainment scene, and definitely a bit more highbrow than one would expect! After you book hotel in Singapore, be sure to dump your bags and go explore what it has to offer!

7. The structures. Explore beautiful museums and structures--both modern and traditional in Singapore. Its architecture has perfectly married the old with the new, a reflection of the people's desire to keep tradition while moving forward in the modern world.

8. The schools. Top-notch education? Singapore definitely has it. It has some of the best schools in Asia, both for undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.

9. The experience. Experiencing Singapore is exhilirating! The lights, the colors, the sounds, the smells, the sights--all of it combines into one big ball of memories that will leave an indelible mark long after your trip is done.

10. The people. In Singapore, there are many stories to tell, if you know where to look and who to ask. From friendly shopkeepers and hotel assistants to random people in cafes, the true Singapore is best explored with someone who knows the city like the back of their hand and is willing to point you in the right direction.