August Rush (film)

Initial release: October 2007
: Kirsten Sheridan
Music composed by
: Mark Mancina
: Nick Castle, James V. Hart
Story by
: Nick Castle, Paul Castro

The plot

The story begins with Evan Taylor (August Rush), an orphan, who is musically gifted. However, his goal is not to become a musicial, but to find his parents, through music (and eventually, he does). Evan is bullied by the other children because he claims to hear his mother's music when he listens hard enough.

Then he gets the opportunity to go to New York, in order to find his parents. However, something goes wrong and he is found by The Wizzard, who exploits him and his incredible musical abilities for money. In this situation, Evan keeps his aim in finding his parents...

Characters and actors

Evan Taylor (August Rush) - Freddie High

Louis Connelly (The father) - Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Lyla Novacek (The mother) - Keri Russell

"The Wizzard" - Robin Williams

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