Fire and Ice

Arianna Good


Lava is melted rock.

Lava is a noun.

The lava flowed out of the mountain.


The mantle is a layer of the Earth.

Mantle is a noun.

Underneath the Earths crust is the mantle.


A) The Channeled Scablands was created when the Ice Age melted and the water eroded the land. The Dry Falls was also created by the Ice Age Floods when a huge ice-dam that held the Glacial Lake Missoula collapsed. The Palouse Hills was also formed when an ice-dam broke. The San Juan Islands were eroded by glaciers to the size and shape it is today. The Colombia Plateau was created by basalt flowing across the land.

B) The tectonic plates helped form Washington's major landforms because mountains a created when tectonic plates crash together. Plateaus are also formed when plates collide.

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