the speed has become 3.2M Konica Industrial Ultra Precision Eco-solvent Printer

Therefore, the speed has become 3.2M Konica Industrial Ultra Precision Eco-solvent Printer an important indicator by Indian companies.As the two committed to meeting the needs of high-speed printing products, Epson Stylus Pro 9710/7710 uses the latest generation of Epson print head technology - TFP Micro Piezo print head, output speed significantly.Its unique dual-colored, that is colored ten-channel print head design, each color ink through dual-channel operation, the 720 nozzles accurate output, improved printing speed doubled, so when the output line drawings, the maximum print speed machinery up to 36 seconds /A1, posters output speed is as high as 46 meters /hour, not only that, Epson's pigment inks can also be dried quickly after printing, so that the color extremely quickly stabilized.

Meanwhile, Epson Stylus Pro 9710/7710 with 700ml and 350ml large capacity ink Large Format Printer cartridges, you can further improve production efficiency by reducing the frequency of replacement ink cartridges.The new rotary knife cutting time applications will include cloth and canvas and other media reduced to 4 seconds, can be described as a full range of multi-angle applications to provide users with high-speed experience, allowing users to Lidengkequ needs to become a reality.Low cost carriers to ensure that users enjoy music by Indian Express stores are mostly built on a business gathering or architectural design institutes surrounding area, where large passenger demand for more natural, the more business in competition with each other, a lot of quick print shops are 24 hours business.Faced with the daily business of a large number of outputs, in addition to the need for speed, the user naturally very concerned about the cost of the device.

Epson Stylus Pro 9710/7710 performance equally prominent in this regard.Both products are not only adhering to the consistent quality and reliable Epson advantage, do not worry caused by non-stop printing equipment maintenance costs brought about, and its unique Micro Piezo print technology, the print head during printing completely not damaged, thus avoiding the high cost due to the frequent replacement of the print head caused.More prominent is, Epson Stylus Pro 9710 achieved the first of /7710 automatic lossless switch between two black ink.Since the photo black and matte black installed on the printer SJ1600 Epson DX7 Head High quality Eco-solvent inkjet Printer and ink set their different channels when using user simply selects the media, the print driver will automatically select the type of ink, black ink it through two dedicated output channels, effectively avoid waste caused by switching the ink, thereby reducing the cost.

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SJ1600 Epson DX7 Head High quality Eco-solvent inkjet Printer

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