Type of Cells ( animal & plant cell)

Both the types of cells and their features.

Cells that Are in The Human body and their functions:

The three main cells in a human body are known as the following:

- Red Blood Cells: Which carry oxygen in them to spread around to the whole body.

- White Blood Cells: Are the cells which help in eliminating unwanted bacteria in our body system which causes us to get ill.

- Platelets: Is a cell which helps in blood clotting.

           Systems in The Human body:

Our body has many systems which are in charge of a different role.  Here are some systems in our body:

- Respiration System: The system which takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide, organs involved are the lungs,diaphragm, trachea.

- Blood Circulatory System: To transport substances through out our body. Organs used in this system is the heart, blood vessels such as the arteries, veins and blood capillaries etc.

- Digestive System: breaks the food down into simple molecules that can be absorbed by the body which produces energy etc. Organs: intestines,stomach, esophagus, [ancreas,liver, anus. rectum and the gall bladder.

- Reproductive System: To produce new individuals. The organs used are as following in the men: penis, testis and urethra. And as for the females: vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tube, ovary.

                What makes up the system?

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       Puberty/ Changes that happens to
                    every organism:

As females grow older, they start to develop and grow physically and also mentally. Signs of puberty are as follows, periods starts- which is when your body releases and egg a month for you to create an offspring, breasts develop to store milk for their child, hips get wider- to keep the baby growing inside the womb, pubic hair grows- in the vagina etc, underarm hair, pimples etc etc.

And as for the males, they go through similar things however minus having the periods as they don't produce eggs. The changes they go through are voice cracks, shoulders get broader, hair grows- facially on the face, chest and underarm, pubic hair- which grows on the penis, testis and penis gets larger in size, testis make sperm.

Menstrual Cycle Of A Female:

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